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  • For anybody taking the DVSA PCV theory test for
    • Cat D1
    • D1+E,
    • D or D+E licences
  • *** Simple picture-based learning ***
  • All of the Official DVSA practice questions
  • Official DVSA practice hazard perception videos
  • Easy to read progress bars and statistics
  • My Questions and My Videos allow easy review
  • Small, easy to learn modules
  • Recommended by instructors and trainers
  • Now you can learn on your mobile phone!
  • PASS Protection Does NOT apply to Driver CPC

The theory test is made up of 2 parts - multiple choice and hazard perception.

It doesn’t matter which one you take first but you need to pass both within 2 years of each other to get your theory test certificate.

After passing the theory tests

You’ll get a pass letter with the results for the part of the theory test you’ve just taken.

When you’ve passed both parts, you’ll get sent your theory test certificate with your theory test number on it.

You’ll need the theory test number when you book your practical test.

Your theory test certificate is valid for 2 years from when you passed the first part of the test.

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PCV driving theory test
Driving Theory 4 All Online PCV driving theory test training with a PASS Guarantee
Everything you need for your PCV Theory Test - learning, topic tests, mock theory tests, hazard perception
Category: PCV Driving theory
Product : PCV Theory
Price: £20.00 £18.00
Our explanations for difficult words, English voiceovers, My Questions and My Notes really do help you revise for the real test. Why don't you try taking the sample topic test below and see how you do?
All of the Official DVSA practice questions with lesson based learning
Theory Test Screen
* terms apply see Pass Protection page

Screen images are simulated
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Can you pass the Car Theory Test? Find out by downloading our FREE iOS app ( and taking a 50 question MOCK TEST.
1 day ago
If it's possible, and you can do so without causing further danger, it's safer to drive a vehicle that's on fire out of a tunnel.
1 day ago
The correct answer to Wednesday's LGV theory test question was.... D) Drive it out of the tunnel if you can do so
1 day ago
It's LGV theory test practice question time... To reveal the question and submit your answer, please go to:
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Use our LGV theory test app to revise. All you need is an account with us. iOS: Android:
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Have you taken your Car theory test yet? Get everything you need to pass from us. Start with a practice question:
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Download our FREE Car theory test iOS app ( and take a 50 question MOCK TEST. #TheoryTest #CarTheoryTest
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Download our FREE Car theory test iOS app ( and take a 50 question MOCK TEST. #TheoryTest
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RT @_paigemarshall_: Just done a practice theory test n got 47 out of 50 ??
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Congratulations @everlark4evaaaa, from everyone at Driving Theory 4 All :-)
3 weeks ago
Can you pass the Car Theory Test? Find out by downloading our FREE iOS app ( and taking a 50 question MOCK TEST.
4 weeks ago
If you want to become a driving instructor you'll need to pass the ADI Part 1. Take an ADI practice question here:
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Search "Driving Theory 4 All" in the Apple App Store to see our theory test & hazard perception test apps. 'Appy downloading :-)
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