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All you need to PASS your LGV Driver CPC Module 2 - Learning, topic tests, case studies.
From £18.00

  • LGV Driver CPC Theory Test Module 2
  • Learn
  • Case studies
  1. The Test
  2. Learn
  3. Case Studies
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Product details:
LGV Driver CPC Module 2 driving theory test
Driving Theory 4 All Online LGV Driver CPC Module 2 driving theory test training
Everything you need for your LGV Driver CPC Module 2 Driving Theory Test - learning, topic tests, case studies
Category: Driving Theory
Product : LGV Driver CPC Module 2 Driving Theory
Price: £20.00 £18.00
What's covered
  • Learn and Test yourself on:
    • Optimising Fuel Consumption
    • Vehicle Loading Safety Rules
    • The Social Environment Of Road Transport
    • The Regulations Governing Carriage of Goods
    • The Risks of the Road and Accidents at Work
    • The Importance of Physical and Mental Ability
    • The Ability To Assess Emergency Situations
    • Adopting Behaviour To Enhance Your Company's Image
    • The Environment and Organisation of Road Haulage
  • Case Studies
    • The case studies are designed to test your knowledge (basic recall of facts), comprehension (basic understanding) or application (practical use of knowledge and understanding)
    • This is done by creating a scenario or a set of circumstances that you may encounter in your working life as a professional driver. You will then be asked a number of questions, relating to this scenario, which will require you to consider how you would behave / react in each case
    • The material in the learning section will prepare you for these tests and we have over 60 case studies for you to practice on
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A new 5 star review has been added for Driving Theory 4 All.
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A new 5 star review has been added for Driving Theory 4 All.
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Can you PASS the theory test? Download our iOS ( or Android ( theory app & take a FREE test.
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A new 5 star review has been added for Driving Theory 4 All.
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A new 5 star review has been added for Driving Theory 4 All.
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Drink driving is extremely dangerous & can lead to serious consequences. If you're planning on driving, do not risk consuming any alcohol.
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Meet the team
Meet the team
Fact File
  • For anybody taking the LGV Driver CPC Module 2 Theory Test
  • Learning material which covers all of the DVSA topic areas
  • Tests to confirm your knowledge as you work through the learning material
  • Practice Case Studies which simulate the Case Studies in the real test
  • My Case Studies allows easy review
  • Small, easy to learn modules
  • Recommended by instructors and trainers
  • PASS Protection Does NOT apply to LGV Driver CPC theory packages

The Driver CPC Qualification

You must get the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) initial qualification if you’re new to professional driving and want to drive a lorry, bus or coach (a few exceptions apply)

You’ll get a driver qualification card when you qualify. You must keep this with you when you’re driving professionally

In order to qualify you'll need to pass the Module 2 theory test and the Module 4 practical test

You'll then to keep up to date with 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to keep your Driver CPC

For more details

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