Bolton Theory Test Centre

You need to pass the DVSA driving theory test before you can book your practical driving test. You can take the theory test at any theory test centre in England, Scotland and Wales, including the theory test centre in Bolton.

This short guide has everything you need to know about the Bolton theory test centre. Whether you're already thinking to book your theory test or you're just looking to find out more about the Bolton test centre, you'll find lots of useful information here.

Bolton theory test centre address


34 Queensbrook
Bolton Technology Exchange


Bolton theory test centre contact information


0300 200 1122

There is no direct telephone number for the Bolton theory test centre.

There is no direct email address for the Bolton theory test centre.

Theory test waiting times in Bolton

View of Bolton theory test centre on Google Maps

Directions to the Bolton theory test centre


HOW TO GET THERE: **** PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO ON SITE PARKING **** The test centre is situated near to the town centre off Spa Road, 300yds on the right from its junction with Moor Lane. There is a steepled church at the junction. Look for the 'Bolton Technology Exchange' sign at the site entrance. The centre is the first unit on the right within that complex. - Pay & display on street parking is available opposite the technology park on Garside St or New Holder st . Disabled access via the main entrance door via ramp

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How to book your theory test at the Bolton Theory Test Centre

You can book your theory test directly with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

You can also book your driving theory test with us. Booking with us is quick and easy. We'll give you everything you need to pass your car or bike theory test and as many theory tests as you need to pass.

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Bolton theory test centre?

Driving Theory 4 All's online theory test revision material is an easy, quick and smart way to help learner drivers in Bolton pass the DVSA theory test.

Whether you're revising for your car, motorcycle, ADI part 1, lorry part 1 and 2, or bus part 1 and 2, we can help you pass your theory test first time.

It doesn't matter how you prefer to learn because our revision material caters for different learning styles. It's also personalised to you, so you'll get all the skills you need to get ready to take your theory test in no time at all.

Sound good? Take a look at our sign up page to find out more. You'll get instant access to our learning zone once you've signed up.

Frequently asked questions about the theory test

How much is the theory test?

The theory test for cars and motorcycles costs Β£23. See the theory test costs for every DVSA theory test.

What is the theory test pass mark?

The pass mark for the car theory test is 86%. You'll need to correctly answer at least 43 out of 50 multiple choice questions to pass this part of the test. You also need to pass the hazard perception test to pass the overall theory test. You'll need to correctly score 44 out of 75 to pass the hazard perception part of the test.

Can I take my theory test online?

No. You must take the theory test at a registered DVSA theory test centre. Find a DVSA theory test centre.

What is the waiting time for a theory test?

The waiting time varies between theory test centre. See the waiting times at your DVSA theory test centre.

How do I revise for my theory test?

Driving Theory 4 All's online theory test revision material is a must-have for anyone wanting to pass their theory test first time. You'll get the latest DVSA revision questions, mock tests, CGI hazard perception videos, plus lots more. And you can practise on your phone, tablet or computer.

Can I change my theory test centre?

Yes. You can change your theory test for free at

Don't wait months to take your theory test.

Our theory test cancellation checker will find you earlier theory tests until you pass.

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